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Aug 06 2010

Gymboree Circle of Friends sale update (8/19-8/22)

I previously mentioned the Gymboree Circle of Friends was coming up, and would overlap the Aug 21-22 weekend. The official dates are August 19-22, so a few extra days to enjoy it, YAY!

I would also think that like most every other Gymboree sale it will start a day early for Gymboree Rewards members.

The online codes are “CFFRIEND” and “CFCIRCLE”. It doesn’t matter which one you use, both will be good for the 30% discount off everything in your online cart :-)

That particular weekend is also a TAX FREE shopping weekend for many states, you’d think they planned it that way LOL.

As a reminder, the COF sale is its own coupon (often handed out in-store for in-store use), so cannot be combined with any other coupon, but CAN be combined with the Gymboree Visa discount. And it’s in a Gymbucks Earning window, what a great bonus!

Mark your calendars and happy shopping!

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Jul 27 2010

Gymboree Back To School Sale started early! Some “Special Offers” for Baby line items too!

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All of the handouts and written advertisement indicated the Back To School sale would start on 7/28, however it has officially started TODAY :-)

Not sure what “skits” are though? Guess they were in a rush, someone forgot to run spellcheck :-)


Also, there are currently “Special Offers” for some Baby Girl and Baby Boy items!

$15 for knit tops (only the ones regularly $19.75 for girls, $14.75 or $16.75 for boys)
$20 for jeans and woven pants (includes the corduroys, not just denim)

The items in the Special Offers pricing are from the Cowgirls At Heart and Smart Kitties lines for Girls, and Rock n’ Roll 101 and Rodeo Cowboy lines for Boys. Sorry, Polo Fields is not included.

They are also touting Summer Savings of an extra 20% off previously-reduced items, but it looks to be applicable to the Summer lines only (4th of July and earlier), and does not include Poppy Love which is only on it’s first markdown right now.

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Jul 26 2010

Upcoming Gymboree Circle of Friends Sale Aug 2010

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I’m not sure of the exact date range, but Gymboree will be doing their Circle of Friends sale in late August, to include the 8/21-8/22 weekend!

The Gymboree Circle of Friends Sale is 30% off your entire purchase, including sale and regular priced items. It is a coupon that they generally distribute in-store, and also has a generic online code, so other coupons can NOT be combined with it.

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