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Feb 18 2010

Baby & Kid Sale Update: First set of items SOLD OUT on Gymboree website!

It’s inevitable, sooner or later everything sells out on the Gymboree website, but some items sell out MUCH faster than others, and I find it interesting enough to make note of them :-) 

I won’t be sending out any more updates about the sale items that sell out, so if you’re interested just watch the comments to this post. Everyone please feel free to make a comment yourself if you see something change (either sell out or become available again), or if your local store has any of the sold out items in stock.

For the Baby Girl line, the HOT item seems to be the Green “Kiss Me Tee”, was down to just 3-6 m size this morning, and that’s gone now, too! Apparently this shirt is a Tier 1 only item, I couldn’t find it in my nearby Gymboree store *pout*.

Also sold out are the older Strawberry sleepwear Gymmies (Berry Sweet shorties and Strawberry 2pc).

For the Kid Girl line, the Watercolor Floral Headscarf from the Fairy Fashionable line is sold out, as well as the Birthday Tee, the Turtle Plush Purse, and the Daisy Purse

 Items on the “Get Them While You Still Can” List are:

Birthday Girl Cupcake Tee (Baby Girl version) – avail in 12-18, 18-24, 2T

Ribbon Tulle Skirt – only avail in 4T-5T

Light Blue Flower Pant – avail 5, 6, 7, 8

And the Gymmies are going FAST! Here are the ones with limited availability:

Butterfly Two-Piece Gymmies – avail only in 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m

Love Bug Two-Piece Gymmies – avail only in 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, 2T

Flower Stripe Two-Piece Gymmies – avail only in 6-12m

Be Mine Two-Piece Gymmies – avail only in 12-18m

Be Mine Shortie Two-Piece Gymmies – avail only in 6-12m


All remaining Baby Girl and Kid Girl sale items still seem to have good availability, but it’s hard to say for sure since we can’t tell what quantity is actually available, a size will show up on the dropdown even if there’s just a single one!

Shopping Tip: If you missed getting an item that is now sold out, call around! The Gymboree website now allows you to look up store locations, and ANY store (don’t just think about the other ones in your own state 😉 ) will be happy to ship in-stock item(s) to you, for an $8.50 shipping fee. Yes, more than the online orders, but if really want it, and online doesn’t have it anymore, it’s either that or eBay!

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