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Mar 16 2010

Gymboree Fill-a-Bag sale or not? Definite sales for other brands

Everyone I know has been looking forward to the Fill A Bag sale, but as of last night it is still considered tentative, and lots of folks are reporting that their Store Managers have said it’s been postponed!

Time will tell if we’re going to have this sale, and if so when, so stay tuned, and as soon as I find out anything definite, I’ll post!

Gymboree didn’t used to be this wishy-washy, flaky and noncomittal about their sales, and no one has been able to get a good answer as to why they have been of late :( If they think they don’t need to, because sales are good, they need to consider the overall harm they’re doing! I can’t tell you how many people are bailing on their planned Gymboree purchases out of principal and/or need to keep to a budget, and will be shopping Gap or other stores instead because of this nonsense!

For instance, this weekend the following stores are having a big sale:

Gap (and Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap Outlet) is the Gap Give and Get weekend, 30% off entire purchase (I don’t have an online code for this, but email me if you need the printable reusable instore one)

Janie and Jack Friends & Family sale, 25% off entire purchase (use “JJFAMILY” online)

Crazy 8 Friends & Family sale, 25% off entire purchase (use “C8FRIEND” or “C8FAMILY” online)

So, you would think that Gymboree would be having their sale as well, but as I said, time will tell.

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Feb 18 2010

Check your mailbox for your direct mail Gymboree and J&J coupon

In yesterday’s mail I got 2 direct mail coupons, so check your mail if you haven’t already! Both say “Postmaster please deliver February 16-18, 2010”, so apologies if this is old news for some of you :-)

Gymboree sent out a mailer about the Kid & Baby Sale, and two coupons were in it:

  1. 20% off entire purchase in store or online. Coupon expires March 28, 2010
  2. Gymboree Play & Music coupon for a free class and $20 off enrollment. No stated expiration date, just “Offer available for new familities at participating locations for a limited time only.”

The other direct mail I got was from Janie and Jack, yay! Nice photo spread of the spring/easter line pieces, and a coupon for $25 off a purchase of $100 or more, with free standard US shipping from online. Expires April 5, 2010.

NOTE: all Gymboree and Janie and Jack coupons have a unique code that are strictly one-time use only, so they can’t be shared, sorry!

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