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Sep 17 2010

Gymboree coupons currently available

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For those that didn’t get the Baby Sale mailer or the Gymboree Rewards email, there are still coupons to be found!

The Aug/September issue of Fit Pregnancy has a Gymboree 20% off purchase coupon, expires on 9/30/10.

And I just confirmed that the September issues of BOTH Parenting the Early Years and Parenting the School Years have a Gymboree 20% off coupon, good through 10/31/10!

No coupon in the September issue of Parents magazine.

Reminder: Gymboree coupon codes are one-time use, so there is no universal code I can post, sorry!

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Jul 15 2010

New Gymboree coupons (Parenting mag + direct mailer)

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In the August issue of Parenting the School Years magazine there is a Gymboree 20% coupon. It’s tucked between pages 32 and 33, expires August 31, 2010.

No coupon in the Parenting the Early Years magazine this time around, I guess they’ve started switching them out since last month’s issue was the reverse.

Also in my mailbox was a Gymboree Direct Mailer, YAY! Says “Postmaster please deliver July 12-14, 2010”.

It’s a promotion for the “Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Jeans Sale”,¬†with 3 coupons as follows:

  • “FREE class on us!” Plus save $20 off enrollment when you enroll at your free class. (Gymboree Play & Music, no actual expiration date, just says “for a limited time”)
  • Gymboree $20 off a $75 or more purchase (expires August 8, 2010)
  • Gymboree 20% off entire purchase (expires August 8, 2010)

** NOTE: Gymboree coupon codes are unique, one-time use only, so I’m not able to post a Gymboree coupon code here for all to share, sorry!

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Jul 07 2010

New Gymboree 20% off coupon in Parents magazine

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The August 2010 issue of Parents magazine has a Gymboree 20% off coupon, YAY!

It’s between pages 60 and 61 and is a double-feature with the Gymboree Play & Music, offering a free class plus $40 off enrollment or $40 off a birthday party package.

The Gymboree coupon expires 8/31/10, the Play & Music coupon expires 10/31/10.

** As a reminder, Gymboree coupon codes are one-time use, so there is no single code that I can post

The Gymboree ad features clothing from one of the upcoming lines, perhaps Back To School? lavendar/brown plaids with purple flowers for the girls, a plaid shirt and brown corduroy blazer for the boys.

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