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Sep 17 2010

New Line Sneak Peak (holiday dressy!)

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It’s SKU time again!

This new line should come out Sunday night online, and in most stores on Monday. This is the “Dressy” holiday line, and a week later should be the “Casual” holiday line.

If you want Sneak Peaks to continue, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS LINK ON FACEBOOK!

To see the pictures, go here: http://www.gymbomommy.com/LineID_pics/Gymboree/SKUs/20100920.htm

Right now it’s just outfits, I’ll see if I an add some of the regular items in, too.

If you want Sneak Peaks to continue, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS LINK ON FACEBOOK!

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Aug 01 2010

Gymboree Halloween costumes sneak peek

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They should be available online 8/2, and in stores the following week.

It looks like Kid boys will get to be Chefs, Firemen and Werewolfs this year.

Kid Girls will get to be Fairies, 50’s girls, a peacock and a rock star.

Baby Boys can be construction workers, blue dinosaurs, puppy dogs.

Baby Girls can be fairies, pumpkins, cowgirls.

Newborns can be a hot dog or a monkey :-)

There also looks to be a purple “Flapper Girl” and a bumble outfit, but they, like the pink “Poodle Girls” 50’s outfit, are the same as last year. Not sure if they were _that_ popular enough, or if they just had a lot of overstock? LOL

Edited to change the poodle girl costume from being 60’s to 50’s as corrected by Amanda. I’m a 70’s girl myself, so apologies to all, and thanks to Amanda :-)

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Jul 24 2010

New Line Sneak Peek (available 7/26)

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Please, DO NOT repost anything here on Gymboree’s Facebook page, or post a link on Facebook back to here, or I may not be able to provide Sneak Peek’s in the future :(

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and most of all, enjoy!

The new line will be available online and in most stores on Monday 7/26, the day after Gymbucks Redemption ends, but in time for the upcoming Back To School Sale that’s starting on the 28th!

The Kid Girl line is pink and green argyle as well as navy, the “Smart Girls Rule” outfits seen on pages 2-5 in Gymboree’s Sneak Peek for Girls.



The Baby Girl line (Smart Kitties) appears to be completely unrelated to the Kid Girl line, which seems quite unusual! It has pinks and kittens.




The Kid Boys get a navy and burgundy “Rock and Roll” theme, line is called Rock n Roll 101.




The Baby Boys get the same colors/theme as the Kid Boys, also called Rock n Roll 101.




Newborn Girls get a cute pink animal print (Zebra Baby) and Newborn Boys have a chocolate brown and green dinosaur theme (Dino Prep). I see Lovies, instead of the usual blankets.

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