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Mar 03 2010

New Price Adjustment policy effective 2/28/10

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There has been a LOT of confusion and anger regarding some new Gymboree store policies that went into effect on 2/28/10, but the one thing that is certain and clear is that the Price Adjustment policy has changed!

Printed on my latest store receipt is the following:

Effective 2/2/8/10 our Price Adjustment policy has changed. See www.gymboree.com for all of our Customer Service Policies.

Gymboree’s official Price Adjustment policy can be seen here. In a nutshell, this is what changed:

Online orders can only receive price adjustments as a result of a change to the price of the item at gymboree.com; store purchases can only receive price adjustments if the price has changed in the store in which the product was originally purchased. Prices may vary store to store. Online orders cannot receive price adjustments in our retail stores.

This means a price adjustment has become more of a PITA to figure out and get 😉 Of course, if you used a coupon or redeemed GymBucks, you’re ineligible for a price adjustment anyways (that has always been the case).

The reason for this change? Also effective 2/28/10, stores will now be pricing their reduced price items based on their respective inventory levels. So if Gymboree store A has quantity 50 of a shirt from a reduced price line, whereas Gymboree store B only has 5, store A’s price will be less for the same shirt than at store B, as a way for them to try to get them sold.

At one point in time stores would price-match each other, and gymboree.com would also price-match a store if the store called them because they were out of stock on a needed size, and that is what this new policy is addressing. There will be no more price-matching between stores, or between stores and gymboree.com, whether it’s an already purchased item or a new purchase.

This policy change does NOT affect exchanges or returns with a receipt!

The official Gymboree Store Return Policy information can be found here. All items of the Return Policy state “for the price paid“. So if you have your original receipt or a gift receipt, it does not matter what store you go to to do the return, or what that store’s current selling price for that item(s) is :-)

It is also not against the current policy to return an item purchased at a different Gymboree store. If you don’t  have your receipt, you simply have to live with getting a merchandise credit for whatever the current selling price is at the store you are doing the return at. Some stores don’t like to do returns from another store (or even any returns in general!) since returned items generally sell for less than the returned price, so it can affect their sales numbers, but that’s just seriously bad customer service on the part of any Sales Associate or Manager who expresses anything other than the customary Gymboree cheerful friendliness to help you with your transaction, whether it’s a purchase, exchange or return!

Hope this has helped to clarify things for all of you!

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