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Mar 16 2010

New Spring Break Deals starting 3/17/10

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The new Spring Break Deals are now available!

$12 Knit tanks and tops for Girls (Popsicle Party line ONLY)

$10 Graphic Tees & Polos for Boys (Baja Surf line ONLY)

The Swimsuit sale prices are also still in effect!

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Mar 10 2010

Swimsuit Sale Has Officially Begun on 3/10!

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Time to get your Gymboree Swimsuits!

The swimsuit sale has officially begun, after much anticipation and delay :-) It is showing up on the site as “Spring Break Deals” and will be the first of several, similar to the Jingle Deals around Thanksgiving/Christmas time.

Fixed Price points as follows:

$14.99 Swimsuits for Girl (includes Newborn!)

$12.99 Board Shorts & Rash Guards For Boy (Girl ones are $14.99)


  1. The swim accessories (hats, flip-flops, et al) are not included in the swimwear sale, as they were previously included in the Kid & Baby Sale. 
  2. The sale prices only apply to currently full-price line items, and does not include Garden Friends or Valentine’s Day line swimsuits since they were previously reduced.
  3. The Boy’s Ahoy Matey line swimsuits are also not included in the sale since their line is reduced, even though the actual swimsuits aren’t :(
  4. The Boy’s Crabby Rash Guard One-Piece is not included in the sale, either.

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Mar 09 2010

Upcoming Gymboree Sales (swim, dress, Fill-a-Bag)

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This swimsuit sale is still looking to start sometime this week or next week, a lot of stores have already had the signage, but were told by Gymboree corporate not to put them out yet. Price points of $14.99 for regular suits, and I think $12.99 each for the rash shirts and board shorts.

The 25% off dress sale is rumoured to have been cancelled due to a lack of inventory. Another rumor is that it is just going to be rolled into an upcoming Fill-A-Bag sale!

The Fill-A-Bag Sale is tentatively scheduled to start on March 18th. As always, sale dates/durations are subject to Gymboree Corporate’s final say. The Fill-a-Bag sale is 30% off, both sale price and full price items! And since this is an automatic sale price, coupons CAN be stacked :-) Add on Gymbucks earning, and that makes this THE best sale that Gymboree does!

Note that the bag part of the “Fill A Bag” is not literal, the 30% off applies to your entire purchase, either online or in store. Some stores do hand out at the door the reusable Gymboree bags to help you with your shopping, but you’re not obligated to buy it, nor is your discount limited to just what you can stuff in it!

Get ready to do some serious shopping! :-)

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